About Us

HumanSquad is Immigration + Personal Branding meets Tech!

We are a Toronto-Based tech-driven company that is passionate about assisting people in reaching their fullest potential. We do this through our portfolio of services that include HR Consultancy, Personal Branding (CV/Resumé, Cover Letters tailored to Job Openings, Mock Interview Coaching, Skill Audit) and Canada Immigration Processes (Migrating as Permanent Resident/Student).

Our Mission

Our mission is use tech-driven solutions to offer simplified, affordable and convenient option to help potential Canadian immigrants navigate the Canadian immigration system more confidently and rapidly.

Our Values





The Team

Tunde's Image

Tunde Omotoye


Tunde is a seasoned Human Resources Professional with a CHRP designation. He is known for sharing practical self development & performance tips and motivating youths to maximize earning opportunities. He mostly does this through social media where he has a combined following of over 190,000.

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Marina Shev

Principal RCIC

Marina is a result-oriented licensed Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who has proudly assisted thousands of families from numerous parts of the world seeking to immigrate to Canada and make Canada their new home.

Paula's Image

Paula Stortz

HR Advisor

Paula is a Human Resources Professional with a CHRP designation and has an immense wealth of experience in providing high-quality employment coaching to new graduates and professionals in a variety of industries.

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Sumiran Anand

HR Advisor

Sumiran serves as a HR Advisor at HumanSquad with experience in a variety of Human Resources functions. Prior to joining HumanSquad, Sumiran worked in the finance, biotechnology, construction and insurance industries where she managed pre and post hiring processes.

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Olayinka Adebayo

Financial Consultant

Yinka is a financial advisory professional with experience in corporate finance and startup fundraising. She brings a wealth of experience in funding and financial advisory, financial analysis, capital raising and acquisition advisory.

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Wale Afolabi

Tech Consultant

Wale is a Software Engineer with expertise in designing systems and building infrastructure needed to run such systems securely. He is responsible for technology at HumanSquad

We also have amazing RCICs, Education Consultants and other amazing team members making magic happen in the back end.