From Babcock University Fresher in Nigeria to Academy Head Coach of Aurora FC in Toronto, Canada, meet Michael Fayehun.

Welcome to our “Life as a Canadian Immigrant Series”. Our feature today is Michael. In this interview, he shares his journey so far, and about succeeding in two different career paths at the same time

Hello, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Michael Fayehun – Owner & Lead Photographer at F10 Studio and F10 Sports Photography and a footballer & academy head coach at Aurora FC.

How did you migrate to Canada, and would you advise intending immigrants to follow the same pathway?

To be honest, I had no idea that I’d find myself in Canada. I had finished high school in Nigeria, completed the A-Levels program, and then a year after I got admitted into Babcock University my family migrated to Canada. All along and unknowing to me, my parents had been in the process of migrating our entire family to Canada. The immigration process went through successfully at around the time I was just completing my first year at Babcock University so I got back home for the summer break and was asked if I would like to stay in Nigeria or move to Canada with the family. I told my Dad at the time that I was going to stay in Nigeria LOL but after being told that everyone else would move, I had no choice really and we ended up moving to Toronto in September 2009. My advice to intending immigrants would be to follow the same pathway. I’m really grateful to my parents for moving us all here and the experience so far has been really rewarding. The opportunities out here and the standard of living in Canada is just something I don’t think Nigeria can provide in my opinion, this is the major reason why without a doubt in my mind I would recommend intending immigrants to follow the same pathway.

How would you rate the level/amount of opportunities here compared to back home?

Like I mentioned earlier, the opportunities here is just something that makes the move here a no brainer for anyone really. 

Some people miss the way of life, others the food. What is the one thing from back home that you really miss?

If I could point to one thing I really miss back home, it will be the food hands down. You might say there are African stores here, but I’m sure we all know that it’s not the same and cannot be compared at all. So yea, every time I go back, I always look

Do you have plans to relocate back home, or Canada is home now?

Although I currently live in Canada, Nigeria will always be home! As of now, I think I do have plans to go back home but I don’t think it is anytime soon except there’s a very attractive opportunity that makes the relocation worth it earlier than planned

What’s your favorite part of the city you live in?

I live in Markham and the favourite part for me is the quiet, it is a really peaceful city to live in.

What advice do you have for those looking to move to Canada?

Just do it! You won’t regret it. It is a land of many opportunities. As long as you’re not lazy, willing to put in the work you will be fine!

You are in the sport space in Canada. How do you think the sport system here is different from the one back home? Also, if you are given an opportunity to change anything regarding the sport system back home, what would it be?

The major difference between the sports scene here in Canada and back home is the infrastructure. My opinion is the talent back home is by far greater than it is over here but the lack of infrastructure back home is a dream killer and it is very unfortunate. So given the opportunity, I would start with the infrastructure that will allow talents to develop and play the game from a very early age!

3 thoughts on “From Babcock University Fresher in Nigeria to Academy Head Coach of Aurora FC in Toronto, Canada, meet Michael Fayehun.”

  1. This is exactly what I needed. I have been struggling with deciding on what part way to take since I’m still currently in school. Currently I have an opportunity to move over to Canada, with this storyline I know the right choice make.

  2. Currently, I am a university student and planning on moving to Canada after my BSc next year. But sincerely, I don’t know which part to take. Student visa for Masters? Permanent or Working Visa? And the cost is also what I don’t know about.

    Could you please, @HumanSquad provide a spotlight into this for me so that I can know how to plan and strategize for next year.
    Thank you.

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